Today, I want to show my thanks by showing you many of my favorite (and free) digital resources.

If you're interested in learning more digital skills, you're going to LOVE these resources:

1. Peter McKinnon. With 5M+ YouTube subscribers, he's full of savvy advice for any creative. Check out one of his tutorials (especially for video editing)!

2. Learn Test Optimize. This is the BEST email newsletter for deep social media knowledge focused on the intersection of digital & politics.

3. Canva. A graphic-design tool website for your social media. Need I say more?

4. SaveFrom. Download any YouTube/Vimeo video by pasting the URL and downloading from this site.

5. Linus Tech Tips. Ever wonder what "https" means or what an "i7 processor" is? This YouTube channel has your back.

6. Keywords Everywhere. This Google Chrome extension will show you search volume on Google and YouTube. You'll always know what's popular online.

I hope you find value in these free resources. If you do, please pay my "fee"! The "fee" is to tell your conservative friends & allies about LI on-demand training! All courses can be found at

Have you used/watched any of these resources? Are there any others you recommend? Drop a comment below!