It’s no secret social media, videos, and mobile-first design is effective. I can guarantee you that an amusing video on Facebook will catch your eye later today while checking your smartphone.

We know digital works.

But making your content good enough to compete with furry animals is no easy task.

Here are two tips to help you stand out on the world wide web.

1. Videos Rule the Internet

“Video is like pizza – even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.” – Anonymous

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a few very long books.

Your audience learning about your brand in a video beats a well-crafted paragraph every day of the week. People would rather watch a video to learn about you and your message 6 out of 10 times. (Google)

Generally, keep your videos under 2 minutes to have the biggest impact.

For example, the Leadership Institute recently helped host a successful conference on Online Advertising. Instead of typing out more words, here’s a 25-second video that shows you the event:

All of the footage was captured on a smartphone (and not a great one). If your cellphone is an iPhone 6 or newer, you already have the gear to create videos like this.

The most effective thing you can do in 2020 and beyond is create video content.

2. Pick your battles online

Most marketing “teams” (especially in politics) are 5 people or less. Often, it’s only one person.

Time is limited and valuable. Prioritizing your best social media channels will increase your return on investment (ROI).

Why? Well I want you to imagine you are about to adopt a cute, adorable puppy.

You’re on the way to get this amazing animal. When you arrive at the pet store, there are 15 or more precious puppies all giving you their puppy head tilts.

Every one of their eyes has a “please take me home” twinkle. Your heart is melting. If possible, you would to take them all.

But you can’t care for all 15 of them. You must choose.

Moral of the story: Most people "adopt" too many social media sites (i.e. puppies). You should only take on as much as you can handle. Once you "adopt" a social media site, you must properly nurture and care for it.

Time is a finite resource and you must ensure you are investing it in the best way possible. I generally recommend sticking with 2-6 social media platforms you can manage well.

I hope these two quick tips help. Best of luck to all my friends in digital!